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HM The Queen's Birthday Parade

Queen & Duke in Carriage

Trooping Of The Colour - Full Rehearsal

Roll the cursor onto the image below - for an explanation of who is who
and where during this rehearsal (should this "rollover" not occur on your
monitor, you may need to alter your PC settings).

This image appears courtesy of The Mail on Sunday, and
prints may be obtained from: Solo Syndication, 17/18 Haywards Place,
Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0EQ (Telephone: 0207566 0360)

Horse Guards Trooping Rehearsal

Major General's Review (Trooping The Colour)

There are two rehearsals - on Horse Guards Parade - for
The Queen's Birthday Parade, and the first of these is taken
by the Major General Commanding London District.

Colonel's Review (Trooping The Colour)

The second of the rehearsals for the Queen's Birthday Parade is
taken by the Colonel of the Regiment whose Colour is being trooped.

The Queen's Birthday Parade (Trooping The Colour)

This is usually held on the second Saturday in June,
on Horse Guards Parade. This is the most important parade of the year,
and dates from the days when colours were rallying points in battle
(as far back as 1700).

The entire Household Division - under the command of the
Major General Commanding Household Division - takes part, including
the Household Cavalry, the five regiments of Foot Guards, and
King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery.

Years ago, in the field, it was the practice to carry colours through the
ranks, at the end of the day, before escorting them to headquarters,
where they were kept safe for the night.

This ensured that all the men were familiar with their own colour
(or standard), and that they all knew where their HQ (place of assembly)
was, especially when in a location unfamiliar to them.

The colours came to represent the regiment itself, deserving of the
utmost respect, and the parade known as "Lodging the Colours"
evolved into the parade that is undertaken annually on Horse Guards -
although these days, reserved for the Queen's Colour only.

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment provides both regimental
bands, 1 Standard, and 4 mounted divisions. They move first to
Buckingham Palace, in order to escort HM The Queen to Horse Guards
Parade, although they then have to wait while the relevant Foot Guards
Regiment Troop its Colour, after which The Household Cavalry
- and the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (since 1998) -
complete a march past at the walk and trot.

Once the ceremony is complete, the Mounted Bands of the
Household Cavalry, and the Sovereign's Escort lead HM The Queen
back to Buckingham Palace, where they then rank past The Queen
before returning to Hyde Park Barracks.

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Mounted Life Guards Foot Guards Bands
Colonel In Chief Colonel In Chief Reviewing Guards
Colour Being Trooped The Foot Guards March Past
The Queen Reviewing Guards Queen Reviewing Guards
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Foot Guards Bands Mounted Band Of Household Cavalry
Mounted Life Guards Mounted Blues And Royals
King's Troop RHA The Life Guards Salute The Queen
Household Division in Mall The Queen In Mall
Household Cavalry in Mall Royal Family on Balcony
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Queen Takes Salute HC Drum Horse Foot Guards Salute Queen
Mounted Life Guards Blues And Royals Standard
Queen nears Palace The Queen Watches Rank Past Household Cavalry Return To Barracks
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